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Part of the national award-winning brand agency, Champions (UK) plc, Champions Marketing is a marketing and communications agency with a difference.

We take care of all manner of branded communications, including advertising, direct marketing, packaging, your online presence, printed materials, trade shows, digital campaigns and more.

Our expertise and experience enables us to tailor your messaging and to select the most effective platforms to use in reaching out to target end-users in the most penetrative way.

We look at the numbers and review the effectiveness of our marketing activity on an ongoing basis to ensure our delivery evolves in line with your brand’s needs.

With over 15 years of industry experience, we have the knowhow and buying power to get your business to where you want it to be.

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Amelia Neate

Amelia Neate

Senior Talent Executive

Role: I work in the Celebrity Management department helping to manage a number of celebrities we look after, such as Neil Back MBE, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Gail Emms. This involves booking and overseeing various media, event and brand ambassadorial engagements.

Fun work fact: Work is serious, not fun, unless you sit next to Lloyd Bailey!!

Fun non work fact: My two loves in life are playing lacrosse and visiting America.

Benny Lawrence

Benny Lawrence

Senior Talent Manager

Role: I work in the Celebrity PR department. As part of my role, I manage the Celebrity PR team and look after a number of celebrity clients. This work involves sourcing new brand relationships with my celebrities as well as relevant media profile work.

Fun work fact: When working at the British Par 3 Championship I got Peter Schmeichel to call my Dad (who is a life long Manchester United fan) at 2am in the morning to wish him a Happy Birthday, now that’s a what I call a good birthday wake up call!

Fun non work fact: I’m half French and can speak the language fluently.

Lloyd Bailey

Lloyd Bailey

Role: I manage all of the professional golfers. This constitutes organising their schedules, sponsorships, travel, entries and much more for players on the European, Challenge, Senior, TP, EuroPro tours. I am part of the management team for the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship.

Fun work fact: Work is serious, not fun, unless you sit next to Amelia Neate!!

Fun non work fact: I appeared on Trinny and Susannah with my family way back in the day!

Sharon Sparano

Sharon Sparano

Accounts Manager

Role: I oversee the Accounts department at Champions Speakers. This is split between Champions Accounts and Celebrity Client Accounts.

Fun work fact: I enjoy working in a lively always changing Company, and the variety this gives my role.

Fun non work fact: I enjoy going on Holiday to Zante where I would love to buy a house in the future.

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