nicholls collton

Nicholls Colton


Nicholls Colton Group is comprised of departments specialising in testing, structural engineering, geotechnical and analytical challenges. Champions (UK) plc were tasked with drawing together these separate elements of the Nicholls Colton Group through a unified and coherent visual identity.


We developed the visual identity for Nicholls Colton through a process of clearly separating and defining the different aspects of the company’s operations. This gave our creative team a visual structure through which to develop the branding. 

The group logo was developed to be contemporary and up-to-the-minute, featuring a simple and stylish font, combining both lower and upper cases. each department was then allocated a bespoke colour, conveying that the four departments were working within one unified entity.


The visual cohesion of the individual departments allowed Nicholls Colton to refine their business model. The clear demarcation between the offerings of each service led to clients understanding the business areas they required for their specific needs, leading to further expansion and growth.

Nicholls Colton
Nicholls Colton